Orari Estivi ..... Opening Hours

Questo è nostro periodo più impegnativo.
Siamo aperti solo per appuntamento fino al settembre.
Potete fissare un appuntamento per email: info@modicasa.com, lasciare un messaggio al 0932 751798 oppure Whatsapp 351 8876768.

This is our busiest period. We will be open only by appointment until the end of August. You can fix an appointment (at least 24 hours in advance) by emailing info@modicasa.com, leaving a message on 0932 751798 or by whatsapp 0039 3518876768.

Tassa di Soggiorno

From 1 December Siracusa has a tassa di soggiorno. In hotels of 1 or 2 stars you will pay 1 euro a night in tax. In 3 stars it willb e 1.50 euros and 2 euros in a hotel of 4 stars. 2.50 for a 5 star hotel while B&Bs and rooms will be 1/1.50 euro per night. Holiday homes will be 1.50 a night. There are different rates for villages, resorts and residence. It is payable to a maximum of 4 nights, so the maximum anyone can pay is 10 euros in tax.
The penalties for landlords not paying the tax are heavy.