Buying with Modicasa

We are associates of FIAIP and have 15 years as a fully registered agency. We can guarantee full due diligence on any purchase, help with Italian law, money transfers, banking, utilities, and all that is necessary to help you purchase your Sicilian property.

As a legally operating agency, modicasa has the right to commission on any purchase at 3% of the price paid for the property. By law this is payable when the purchase is complete (at compromesso). However, we generally choose to be paid just before the final act of sale, giving a further level of security for our clients.

For 2023 there is no IVA payable on our fees – a huge saving for the client.

For example a purchase of 100.000 euros, will bring a commission of 3000 euros. Note that we have a minimum charge of 2000 euros.

As a purchaser you will also have the buying costs of the property – tax (stamp duty), notary costs and translation costs if necessary. These vary from property to property. There are also minima for these costs, so the purchase of a low budget property will mean the purchase costs are high when compared to a more expensive home.


Buying in Italy 2024