Selling with modicasa

We have spent 15 years trying to make things simpler.  We offer a simple non-exclusive contract, which means that if we sell your house you pay us.   You do not pay us if you sell the property yourself or with another agency.

The only rule we impose is that the house must be advertised at the same price by all advertisers.

We charge 3% for a sale, with a minimum tariff of 2000 euros.

Unlike other agencies we do not charge for advertising,  for sale signs, or anything.  You pay us if we sell your house.  Although we have the right to ask for our commission at compromesso, we are usually paid just before the final act of sale.

It is the seller’s responsibility to provide all the documentation needed for a sale – we can help, but ultimately you must provide the plans, any building concessions or comune permissions,  APE and, if necessary, the CDU, aswell as your act of sale and probably the one before that.

It is worth getting the paperwork in order when you start to think about putting your house on the market.  The process has changed in recent years, and the notary cannot stipulate a sale without all the necessary paperwork


Buying in Italy 2024